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Clare Young McCreery & William Warren Bentley — Minted

Clare Young McCreery


William Warren Bentley

Wedding Party

Shannon Williams, Sister of the Bride

Maid of Honor

Shannon is my sister and treasured friend. Though we are six years apart, we have only grown closer as the years have passed. Shannon was like a second mom to me, always babysitting me and letting me tag along. She would even let me stay the weekends with her when she was a cool college kid. She has the kindest spirit you will ever find, and she always makes time in her busy schedule to lend an ear and give sound advice when needed. I am truly blessed to call her family. Can't wait to share this special moment with her!

Becca Luetjen, Cousin of the Bride


Becca is my cousin who has always been more best friend than family. We spent most of our weekends together as kids, and I wouldn't trade that for the world! Though I am several years older, I have always looked up to Becca. She has an adventurous spirit that I have always admired, and she always pushes me out of my comfort zone in the best way. Becca makes everything fun, and her love for her family and friends always shines through. Though she lives in Fayetteville, we see each other as often as possible. So honored to share this day with her!

Casey Onstead


Though we both attended University of Arkansas, Casey and I met after college when she moved into the same apartment complex on Mud Island in Memphis. I was pretty shy when we first met, but she was the outgoing to my quiet. After a few nights out on Beale, we have been best friends ever since. We have shared heartaches, laughs, and so many other important moments, including her wedding and the birth of her two beautiful boys. Casey and I think so much alike and have a priceless bond. She is the most loyal friend and a true bright light in my life. I am so happy she will be standing beside me on my wedding day!

Kelly Freeland


Kelly and I met through mutual friends at a Razorback football game. We quickly bonded over drinks and boy woes, and we have been best friends ever since. We lived together on Mud Island in Memphis for years and went through all of life's challenges as twenty somethings together. I will never forget those days! We supported each other, made a lot of lemonade out of lemons, and laughed more than you could dream possible. Kelly will drop anything to help a friend, and she gives her all to anything she does. Over the moon to have her as a bridesmaid, but also beyond excited to have her expert help in planning the wedding!

Lindsay Hammers


Lindsay and I met in 7th grade at West Junior High School and became instant friends. We have walked though so much together, from awkward teenage years, first dates, graduation, to picking out colleges. Throughout the years, we have stayed close despite living in different locations. Once weekly phone date are a must, and we see each other as often as possible. Old friends are gold, and Lindsay is priceless! Her wise counsel and great laugh have helped me through the ups and downs of life. So happy to be sharing this happy moment with her by my side!

Mallory Huggins


Mallory and I met when we both pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Arkansas. We were in a lot of the same classes in the business college, and we quickly became best friends. Navigating college isn't easy, but with Mallory by my side it was always better! She is such a sweet person, and I treasure her friendship dearly. We may go weeks without talking, but we can always pick right back up where we left off. The sign of a true friend is that they celebrate your successes as if they were their own, and that describes Mallory to a T. So happy to share this day with her!

Josh Combes

Best Man

Some paths are destined to cross. Some might even try to avoid certain paths. That’s exactly what happened in August of 1996 at Southaven High School. Josh Keith “Goon” Combes made such an impact that the dynamic duo even created their own legendary dance “The #4”. If you know, you know. Countless adventures have occurred with these 2 fellow Charger Award Winners that have taken them through epic times at Ole Miss, valet parking cars at Harrah’s Casino Tunica, going to every single Ole Miss football game Eli Manning’s senior year, Winfield, Alabama, a trip out West for the record books, countless car rides on a “loop” that was actually a square, to even serving as the Best Man at Josh’s Wedding. With Josh by William’s side, especially on March 12, Ms. Marna Bentley can always rest assured that there will be some type of great story that Josh will want to share. Josh “Ms. Marna remember that one time William and I…………”

Ben Berryhill


Some people you just have to extend the olive branch to and Ben Berryhill makes that easy to do. Ben and William are two great friends that have a Maroon and White and Red and Blue buffer between the two. Ben will have the “special distinction” of being the only member on the groom’s side who is not an Ole Miss Alum. These two fellow educators and coaches have fierce loyalties to their beloved universities of Mississippi State and Ole Miss. However, this divide does not interfere with a loyal relationship in which Ben volunteered countless hours in a summer to build an engineering marvel that would become known as the Great Wall of Berryhill and Bentley on the Cross Winds Lake. Surviving this construction project has led to other great times kayaking, cooking out, fire pit nights, and even going on the same beach vacation where William proposed to love of his life.

Daniel Blankenship


Legendary friendships can be made in lots of different places. Daniel Blankenship and William’s blossomed on the 4 Square Courts of Greenbrook Elementary School. These 2 quickly developed a certain level of swagger and success even getting nicknamed “The Attitude Boys” by the 4th grade class favorite teacher, Mrs. Kathy Watkins. This friendship grew even more senior year at Southaven High carpooling to school in “The Tracker” and “Wilstoy” listening to some iconic 90’s music trying to make sure that Daniel’s future bride didn’t beat them to school. Daniel and William have been through life’s up and downs together but have never been far from each other’s side and were even neighbors in Hernando for a while. Dan the Man always makes for memorable times in the adventure of life and provided one of the most legendary quotes when he told a former NFL lineman to “Count his friends”.

Bill Donald


Sometimes breaking a friend’s nose would put a quick end to that relationship. However, that was not the case for William “Bill” Sultan Donald and William. This unfortunate incident occurred at one of William’s favorite places growing up, the Southaven High Gymnasium. These two Southaven Charger teammates, along with fellow groomsman, Patrick O’Briant, were ultimate competitors especially on the hardwood and worked to be the best in the Orange and Blue. Bill is also the only known friend of William’s growing up to have an official key to the Bentley house. With this key privilege, he always had impeccable timing to enjoy a 2nd dinner at the Bentley House. Bill has always been the guy you can count on whether it’s providing entertainment with back flips off the diving board, being the “best” dancer in the group, making delicious “Bill Popcorn” and the list could go on and on.

Patrick O'Briant


Did somebody call a Doctor? Dr. Patrick O’Briant is one of William’s oldest friends whose paths crossed the year of 1st grade at Greenbrook Elementary. Patrick made a lasting impression when he showed up to recess with a “space helmet” with a flip down visor that supposedly made him run faster. He quickly became a best friend to William who only lived a couple of blocks away that would show up at 420 Bainbridge only if Cody Lee was not at the door to “greet” him. Their friendship grew over the years especially under the tutelage of John Bowen of Leader Landscape working long hours and learning valuable lifelong lessons along the way. Patrick and William continued their bond during their basketball playing days at Southaven High along with fellow groomsman, Bill Donald. Their friendship was put to the ultimate test living together in an apartment in Oxford where Patrick implemented specific rules for another groomsman, Josh Combes. Their friendship has thrived over the years and William even had the honor to teach Patrick’s first-born son.

Ron Wilson


Every now and then you meet a person from a mountain. Chances are though it’s not Blue Mountain, MS, home of Ronnie Wilson. Ron “Coach” Wilson and William used to rock the sweater vests like no other patrolling the sidelines of Desoto Central High School. Ron can sometimes be a man of few words, but his basketball knowledge and charisma were able to lure William away from his home of Southaven Orange and Blue to the Purple and Gold of DC, which is not a very fond color combo especially for Ole Miss fans. These two Rebels coached together for years leading to some thrilling victories and heartbreaking defeats. Although Coach Wilson and Coach Bentley are on opposing sidelines now, that would never interfere with them taking a train ride to Chicago, driving through a blizzard to watch Ole Miss Basketball, or help each other move even if it involves a washer, a dryer, and 3 flights of stairs.